A Victorian Billiard table carpet

A Victorian Billiard table carpet


This is a very rare Victorian billiard table runner / surround of warm reds, blues, greens and ochre's with mitred corners, beautifully designed so that a full billiard table sits inside the surround.

In twenty five years as specialst dealers this is the only original carpet we have ever seen.

The images show it fitted around an oak billiard table and the end frame of a mahogany full size table, both timbers help to show its colours.

Ideal for a wooden floor, there is around 3ft or 91cm all around the exterior of the table when the carpet is in position, requires some minor restoration .

Probably made by the famous "original" Burroughes & Watts of London.


Width 550 cm / 18' 0 "
Depth 366 cm / 12' 0 "