Antique Billiard, Snooker, Pool Table Light

Antique Billiard, Snooker, Pool Table Light


This unique brass framed antique billiard light was made by the London firm Burroughes & Watts, circa 1895, it features a central upright adorned with foiliate castings and curved braces embellished with brass collars and coronets. 

The central boss is octagonal and has beautiful sleeved castings along the horizontal line, which in turn connect to the ends via octagonal bosses with finials. 

The shades are held within a circular base rim and are joined to the "Ottoman" style caps via three delicate brass straps. 

The central boss is stamped "Burroughes & Watts Soho Square London." 

The lamp was previously owned by Professor Bernard Nevill, who acquired it for his home the only surviving stable block of Fonthill Abbey.