Billiard - Snooker - Life Pool Scorer

Billiard - Snooker - Life Pool Scorer



A beautiful mahogany framed scoring cabinet by Cox & Yeman circa 1860,featuring hand painted sliding panels ,revolving numbers and a central slate panel.Mr Henry Cox and Mr Edward Yeman joined forces at some time in the 1850s to form their own billiard table company, apparently Mr Cox was already building tables but needed the expertise of Mr Yeman and his sister who were trained by Burroughes and Watts. By 1864 they were fully fledged manufacturers of billiard tables and supplied specially made competition tables for the 1866 Roberts and Cook championships. By 1873 the company was located at 184 Brompton Road and lists over fifty titled gentleman as customers including: The Duke of Richmond, The Duke of Wellington, the Earl of Jersey, the Nwab Nizam of Bengal,& Charles Dickens.


Height 54.61 cm / 1' 9 "
Width 96.5 cm / 3' 2 "
Depth 7.65 cm / 3 "