Antique Life Pool , billiard snooker scoring cabinet

Antique Life Pool , billiard snooker scoring cabinet



A very well constructed combination scoring cabinet by J & T Scott of Edinburgh.

Made from Solid oak with attractive medullary rays this scorer has a pair of revolving roller bars top and bottom to keep track of each players relative scores.

The black lettering works very well with the oak and the Sliding Life Pool markers compliment this colour scheme.

J & T Scott were not specialist billiard table makers but also manufacturers of high quality furniture and they  traded from an impressive building at 10, George Street in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. 

Specialising in cabinet making and exhibitors at the Great Exhibition of 1862 and the International Industrial Exhibition hosted in Edinburgh itself, J & T Scott held contracts with many institutions.

Scott's craftsmanship could be found at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and other municipal buildings. 

In the 1850-1851 Post Office directory for Edinburgh and Leith, J & T Scott are listed as upholsterers and undertakers, they continued to trade into the 20th century and were held in high regard throughout their years of operation.


Height 60 cm / 1' 11 "
Width 100 cm / 3' 3 "
Depth 3 cm / 1 "
Weight 18 kg