Antique Billiards Snooker Life Pool scoring cabinet

Antique Billiards Snooker Life Pool scoring cabinet



An exquisite Billiard, Snooker, Life Pool scoring cabinet with a carved pediment by Burroughes & Watts of London circa 1860 

Two hand painted revolving ratchet scorers top and bottom, with lettered sliding panels revealing ebony, boxwood and mother of pearl inlays. 
Mounted on a decorative gadrooned base with a glazed drop down drawer 
for retrieval of stake money. 

William Burroughes founded this firm, which would become one of the most famous English billiard table manufacturers, in partnership with F. Watts in 1836. From the start they were at the forefront of billiard table development and received a gold medal at the Great exhibition of 1851, with a similar award being received at the subsequent London exhibition of 1862. In 1854 James Samuel Burroughes joined the firm and it was under his stewardship that the company experienced its greatest development. In 1873 the company secured a major contract for billiard tables to "her Majesty's War department and Admiralty" and around the same time received the warrant of Queen Victoria and Edward, Prince of Wales.