Antique Billiard snooker clock face scorer "RESERVED"

Antique Billiard snooker clock face scorer "RESERVED"



An exceptionally rare circular billiards or snooker scorer by Cox & Yeman of London circa 1870.
Made from Douglas fir with an enamelled dial and a brass bound glazed front.
This unique scorer was commissioned by Cox & Yeman and made by Julius Sax of London.
There are two hands one indicated with a SPOT while  the other is PLAIN, each players scorer is marked by simply turning the  dedicated ebony and inlaid ivory handles at the base of the clock ,which in turn moves the hands.
This scorer has a diameter of 23" or 58.5cm, I have placed a cue stand beside it in one of the images to show its scale.


Depth 16 cm / 6 "
Diameter 58 cm / 1' 11"